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We would encourage everyone to take a closer look and subscribe to the “Friday Feminist Five” newsletter that Engender publish.

If you are on their mailing list, then each Friday you will receive a newsletter into your email inbox with the top 5 topics for that week. The information is very much aligned with the work that we do here at the Women’s Centre Glasgow to help, support and empower women in the local community and beyond.

Below is an extract from the newsletter that Engender published on Friday 31st July 2020. You can receive your own copy to your inbox every Friday by joining Engender today.

One: How has lockdown impacted women’s health services in Scotland?

Health and social care services, and decisions over how they are run, have a major impact on women. This is not only as service users with particular needs and experiences but as the majority of both older people and unpaid carers in Scotland. Women are less likely to receive treatment generally, as women’s pain and diagnosis are treated differently to that of men. Responding to Covid-19 has necessarily resulted in a significant reorganisation of the NHS. Screening, including breast and cervical screening programmes, has been paused indefinitely.

This cancellation and limitation of routine care may have particular consequences for older women and some BME groups who have higher risk of particular cancer diagnosis. Reduced routine appointments due to lower service provision may impact upon rural women who may have considerable distances to travel to access appointments. You can read more about our concerns around women’s health and Covid-19 in our submission to the UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee here.

The Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Women’s Health are conducting a survey on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted women’s health services in Scotland. The survey is open until 7th August, and all results and comments will be anonymised. If you’d like to share your views, you can take the survey here.

You can read the full message online by following this link, but we would encourage you to subscribe to this newsletter yourself so that you never miss an issue!

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Covid 19- does not cause Domestic Abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions.