Domestic abuse and covid-19

Covid 19- does not cause Domestic Abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions. The pandemic has, however , escalated abuse and closed down routes for women to escape.

Survivors have reported escalating abuse and having to live in lockdown with an abuser due to Covid-19 will be less able to get breathing space. It will be harder to text or phone to get support from friends and family and specialist support services

At Glasgow Women’s Aid ,there has been a 40% increase in calls/ contact during lockdown and Covid-19 and because of the increased volume of calls and complexity of the abuse additional staff were recruited.


1:4  women experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives.

2 women per week are murdered by a partner or ex  partner

In Scotland between 2017-2018 there were more than 59,941 reported incidents

On average  a woman will be assaulted 35 times before contacting Police

Leaving abuse is a process

Domestic Abuse is a crime in Scotland

In 2020 :

30,000 cases in Scotland were reported to Police Scotland.

The highest number of cases in 4 years

9 /10 women being victims and men perpetrator


OrganisationContact Details
Domestic Abuse 24 hour Helpline0800 027 247
Scottish Women’s Rights Centre0141 331 4185
Shelter Scotland ( Housing Rights )0808 800 4444
Scottish Children’s Centre0800 328 8970
Amina Muslim Women’s Centre0141 585 8026 / 0808 89 0301
ASSIST (for women and children going through court system)0141 276 7710
Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre0141 552 3201
Glasgow Women’s Aid0141 553 2022
Hermat Gryffe Women’s Support0141 353 0859
Sandyford Family Planning0141 550 7557
Glasgow East Women’s Aid0141 781 0230

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Covid 19- does not cause Domestic Abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions.