Ann Meek


Family is everything:

I have a daughter Alison aged 32 and two grandchildren aged 9 and 2. I am the baby of my family at 52. I have two brothers and three sisters. I am close to one of my sisters and one of my brothers.

I am a true foodie:

I love cooking true Scottish food such as mince and tatties, chops and homemade soup. When I was growing up we knew what we were having every night as my parents never changed the menu. I always remember the huge pot of soup being made on a Saturday night for the Sunday dinner followed by roast beef and all the trimmings. My dad loved baking and on a Saturday afternoon the smell from the kitchen was so good. He would bake custard pies, apple pies and lots more wonderful cakes.

During lockdown I have been baking for my friends and we all meet up at the canal. I have my dog, Lenny with me and we all go for a walk, and I hand out my baking. Its been great to socially distance meet with friends and get some needed exercise and a chat.

I love:

To read at home I always have my face in a book. Lockdown has allowed me more time to read.  I love autobiography’s, books about animals, and wartime heartfelt family stories. One of my favourite authors is Martina Cole.

My favourite place:

Is my bedroom, it’s my chillout and sanctuary. During lockdown my daughter and two grandchildren have been staying with me. I live in a one bedroom flat, so it has been quite a tight squeeze. I like to give my daughter and the two children the living room after 5.30pm to enjoy their family time. It has allowed me to catch up on tv and enjoy a good book with my beautiful dog by my side.

I wish I could:

Help people more. This is one of my passions. I love giving back and its one of the reasons I volunteer. During lockdown I have been helping one of my elderly neighbours with their shopping.


I have volunteered for the women’s centre for over two years. I heard about the centre through Ruksana at Jobs and Business. It took me 7 attempts to get myself through the door as I was so nervous to be somewhere new. A woman approached me at the front door and asked me if I was ok and I said I was there for a cookery class. It helped me take my first step into the centre.  I have attended the cooking classes now for over 3 years. I have made many friends at the class and have kept in touch with them throughout lockdown.

One of the staff asked me if I would be interested in attending a certificated Food and Hygiene class one Friday. I really enjoyed it and passed. The certificate gave me the confidence to volunteer and I started in the community café on the Monday. I haven’t looked back. The volunteering motivates me to get up and leave the house.  I love meeting new people and I enjoy giving back to my community. I always chat to new people and tell them that this is a safe space and everyone is so helpful and welcoming.

Covid 19- does not cause Domestic Abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions.