Day 1 activities for babies

We will be posting a daily activity for babies for 7 days.

7 Days of Play with Baby

Plain yoghurt
Food colouring
Mix together both together
If you don’t have any food colouring you can use mashed fruit such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, turmeric, cocoa powder etc.
If you don’t have any yoghurt you can make ice cube paints by added food colouring to water to freeze.
This can be done in a high chair or on the floor. Prepare to get messy
This is a good activity for exploring different textures and tastes and developing baby’s fine motor skills.

Baby Massage and yoga at home!

We are bringing our class to the comfort of your home.

Join us online Wednesday’s at 1pm for baby massage session where we will go through the baby massage routine, baby yoga moves and some singing.

To join us please get in contact with us by email

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Organisations who can help

This time can be very stressful and lonely, please see the link below of some organisations who can help you if you are feeling low.

Financial Support

Parkhead Housing Association has shared some financial support during this crisis, it can help with applying for Universal Credit and much more.

Please use the link below to access this information.