Children and

Family Services


The Creche

Our crèche provides a high quality childcare service in a modern, bright, safe, secure and stimulating environment.

baby massage

Baby Massage

Baby massage classes are a friendly and fun way for you to bond and communicate with your baby. This is a six week course which you can join by contacting Louise.

baby sensory

Baby Sensory

Come along and join in some fun messy play which stimulates all your babies’ senses. Classes last for approximately 4 weeks.



The playscheme enables children from primary 1-7 to participate in a range of play activities in a safe stimulating environment. Children also have the opportunity to go on trips and outings.

Family Support & Advice

If you require any help and support for you or your children or more information on any of the services above please contact Louise on 0141 576 1400 or email:

Covid 19- does not cause Domestic Abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions.