Donna Connor

Donna Connor

Project Worker Training & Volunteering

Family is everything

I am incredibly lucky to be close to my family and even luckier to have a close network of friends who are my extended family. I live with an amazing, gentle, loving and very patient partner Douglas, two daughters Wallis (25), Olivia-Rose (21) and my stepson Daniel who will be (18) this year. The boys deserve a medal for living with 3 incredibly open and opinionated women!!

I am a true foodie

Lockdown has allowed me to get back to basics and dust down the recipe books. (I can’t lie it did take a while to find them). I am currently working my way through “A Pinch of Nom”. I would highly recommend this recipe book if you are a beginner like me. My favourite food to cook and enjoy is Spanish and Italian and I make a mean Paella.

I love to read

I am a sucker for a love story, as I love to be taken off and immersed in a romance. I always read for at least an hour in bed at night before I drift off to sleep. When I go on holiday every summer, my first thought is, whose suitcase is taking my books! Mine is always filled with shoes and essentials. I am sure ladies you will all understand what I am talking about. I get through at least 4 beach reads and one personal development book. You will always find me with a glass of sangria in one hand and a good book in the other.

My favourite city

My favourite city to explore is Lisbon. It never disappoints me. I love to get lost in the Bairro Alto, this is Lisbon’s food and restaurant quarter. They have small kiosks where everyone stops, chats and buys a Ginja. It’s a red liqueur made with sour cherries and brandy. I love it served in a mini chocolate cup. It is so delicious and a must-try.

I wish I could …………….

I wish I could sing. I would love to be able to “carry a tune”. My parents and both my brothers can all sing. No-one even asks anymore unless they are looking to clear everyone out!