Isolation Storyboard

The Coronavirus health crisis has brought with it unprecedented changes to the way we are conducting our lives at the moment. For many, this means long periods of isolation, sometimes alone. Why not help us all stay connected and keep in touch with each other by writing stories, sharing diaries and giving tips on how we are coping with this situation?

Tell Us Your Story

  • Everyone has a story to tell. You may not think it but trust us, you do. We work with lots of people,  even those who struggle with reading and writing and have read the best of stuff for community writers.
  • Everything is interesting. The changing view from your window, what children do to make you laugh, how to make the best pot of soup in the world or how you are coping with being sad.
  • Writing helps you get through hard times. You can tell a story about a good memory, your hobbies, what your baby is getting up to starting to walk or speak, or just letting out know or you are getting on coping trying to encourage your kids to do just a wee bit of homework.
  • Sharing your thoughts, stories or diary entries will help others, Everyone thinks they are alone with a situation. Anyone can learn from others. Writing your stories down could give others a laugh and a lift
  • Don’t worry about getting started. Just begin with your name or the day or what you can see from your window or garden or just how you feel.
  • We all make mistakes in our spelling, Don’t let that stop you. We can give you a hand. We can also help you to develop ideas, organise the structure of your writing but only if you think that would be of use.

We hope this gets you all thinking and writing. We look forward to seeing your story on the storyboard. Simply email your story to

Isolation Stories

Poems by Jane Finnie

LOOK Keeping secrets Watch out, Arch your back Against the wall. The mirror knows Sees all clearly, How you feel Really. Girl with a backpack on her back, Want to be her … again? Heading towards the train station Going for it, a rainbow, a full life. Search a true blue sky, Trust the trees,

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